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Chris Hughes and Why We Shouldn't "Bottle It Up"

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When “L’eau de Chris” first appeared earlier this week, the internet was nothing short of savage in, quite frankly, tearing the campaign to pieces. Featuring a topless, baby oiled to the nines, Chris and his debut fragrance that was essentially bottled water, the difference being that it was infused with the “tears of Chris.”
To say it received a mix bag of reactions is an understatement, responses ranged from Twitter users whom genuinely believed Chris was launching his own line of bottled water (to be fair, I probably wouldn’t put that past the likes of Jess and Dom, I swear those two will promote anything) to theories of the whole thing being a marketing ploy for Topman boxers.
Twenty-four hours later and the whole thing was revealed to be a publicity stunt by the mental health charity, CALM, in collaboration with Topman to raise awareness for male mental heal…

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